5 Reasons Your Business Needs Text Marketing

So you don’t think you need to change your  marketing  strategy, right? What if you could increase your profits and customer base by running a simple text message  marketing  campaign? Would you be interested in at least hearing what text  marketing  is all about? With the increased popularity of text messaging it’s undeniable that there is a huge audience out there waiting to hear about your product or services via text message. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs text  marketing :

1. Customer Loyalty: What other  marketing  avenue, beside email  marketing , actually allows you to retarget your past customers over and over again? Radio and TV only places the ad in front of customers who are listening to the radio or watching TV at that time. Plus, there are so many ads going on all the time how are they going to remember yours? Text messages are the answer to more intimately target and stay in contact with your customers.

2. 97% Read Rates: Studies show that 97% of text messages sent are opened and read. That’s because a text message only contains a max of 160 characters, so people don’t mind just briefly reading what your message has to say.

3. Inexpensive  Marketing : How much does an ad in the weekend paper cost your business these days? How long does this ad run for? What kind of measurable results do you get from this ad? With text  marketing , the cost is a low monthly fee which allows you to directly communicate with people who have already shown interested in your product or service. Tracking the results of your text  marketing  campaign is easy with the use of coupon codes.

4. Great for Branding: Not all of your customers that you send a message to will respond to it and redeem your offer. However, it was still an opportunity to get your name in front of them so that maybe this weekend, when they are trying to figure out which restaurant they want to go to, yours will come to mind instead of your competitors.

5. High Response Rates: With text  marketing  you see at least 10%-35% response rates. Let’s break this down to better show how your business will benefit. Say you have a list of 100 customers and you want to send out 4 text message offers in one month. With each offer you expect to make around $20.00 per person who redeems it. So if you blast out 4 messages to 100 people at a time (400 total) and only 10% of the people respond to it, you get 40 repeat or new customers. Now, each of those people were going to generate $20, so simple math says your just made an additional $800 for that month. Keep in mind that a list of only 100 contacts is not that large and we calculated a low percentage at 10% as the response rate. Play with the numbers and see the potential that text message  marketing  can bring you.

With those 5 reasons, it’s hard to ignore the power of getting a message in front of your customer base with text message  marketing . It is a matter of time until all of your competitors start using this form of  marketing  to get and retain customers, so there is no time like the present to start increasing your marketability!