3 Free Ways to Market Your Business Online

Before I show you the 3 free ways to  market  yourself online I first want to make sure that you understand how to  market . Here are 4 great tips that will help you experience success and save money in your online and offline  marketing  campaigns.

Finding Success in Online/Offline  Marketing  Campaigns

1. Know your Demographic – Do not waste money advertising until you know to whom you are advertising. Logically think about the age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and location of the individuals who will be purchasing your product or who have been purchasing your product. Once your demographic is realized ask yourself where these individuals hang out and then advertise in those venues.

2. Track your Progress – Do not advertise until you have a plan in place to see if your  marketing  is working. If you purchase a billboard say, “Mention this ad and save 10%.” Then track how many people call in and mention the ad. Or simply ask all of you customers, “How did you hear about us?” And then track where your traffic is coming from.

3. Piggyback your Competition – Find out what your competition is doing successfully and then copy their strategies, improve them and customize them to fit your business model. There is no sense in reinventing the wheel especially when money is involved. The businesses that have been around the longest know what it takes to make it in the industry so find out what they are doing and then do it better.

4. Trade Out – The bartering system is alive and well in today’s economy. You have a great product or service so why not leverage that service in order to get free or deeply discounted advertising for your business? There is not a business service out there that cannot be leverage or traded out.

Ok…so now you that you have a system in place you track your  marketing  and some unique ideas that will help you reduce your  marketing  costs, now where do you go from here? The best and cheapest way to  market  your company is online. What I like about online  marketing  is that there are so many free resources that will allow you to  market  for free or minimal cost and your results are ridiculously easy to track. These ideas will show you what I mean.

3 Free Ways to  Market  Yourself Online

1. Business Directories – Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Brown Pages and about 20 other websites have business directories. Submissions to these business directories are free so all you have to do is find the directories and submit. I made your hunt easier for you by giving you a comprehensive list on my blog:

2. Social Media – Signing up for social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are free and you can leverage these sites to find customers who are looking for your product.

If your product can be sold globally then visit http://www.search.twitter.com and type in what people might mention in reference to your product. For example, if you are selling weight loss products, individuals on Twitter will not tweet “weight loss products.” Companies selling weight loss products will tweet that. Since, Twitter is a conversational website they will tweet words such as, “fat day.” They will say things like, “I am having a ‘fat day.'” These are your potential customers. Try out different keywords…seeing the results are pretty fun.

If your product or business is local then you can leverage http://nearbytweets.com/ to find Tweeters whom are in your area to promote your product. What I like about this site is that you can find people within a certain mile radius of any zip code in America!

3. Blogging – Content for a website is like fuel to an engine and is the number one way to get specific customers to your business. Remember this…people are not looking for your business online…what they are looking for is answers to their questions. All you have to do is find out what questions your demographic are asking in relation to your business and then structure your website in a way that answers those questions and you will get traffic.

The world is becoming smaller and businesses that do not have an online presence will fall behind because that is where people search first…yes even in one horse towns.:)

So get started today, play around, make mistakes but whatever you do get online, secure your brand name on the various social media sites and soon with some perseverance and the right coaching you will see results.